my talks in the wild

Mutation Testing in Elixir

In November of 2019 I gave a talk at the Lisbon |> Elixir meetup. We discussed mutation testing and the Elixir AST. 🦎

From Ruby to Elixir

In the summer of 2019 I gave a talk at the sardines.rb Lisbon Ruby meetup. They were nice enough to have me present about Elixir. 😊

From Noob to Contributing Noob

I got accepted as a speaker for ElixirConf 2019 in Prague. In April, I talked about my experience in the open source Elixir community. 👨‍🔬

Monolith: The Breaking

In 2017 I gave at PixelsCamp on our experience migrating to a microservices-oriented architecture at Onfido. 👨‍🚀